Emancipation Day Thoughts

Emancipation Day

The Slavery Abolition Act 1833, which abolished slavery throughout the British Empire (with the exceptions “of the Territories in the Possession of the East India Company“, the “Island of Ceylon” and “the Island of Saint Helena”; the exceptions were eliminated in 1843), came into force the following year, on 1 August 1834. Only slaves below the age of six were freed. Former slaves over the age of six were redesignated as “apprentices” required to work, 40 hours per week without pay, as part of compensation payment to their former owners. Full emancipation was finally achieved at midnight on 31 July 1838. (Source: Wiki)

image0 3 copy
Bussa Statue: Barbados

I was thinking yesterday about Emancipation, and decided what to share my viewpoint around Land/Plantation/Slave Owner Class on how integrated throughout the Hemisphere/Global wide during the colonial period and as well in the neo- colonial context, and how land owner class is integrated the same way now, specifically in the British Empire/Commonwealth (Post Colonial Empire) but could probably be examined for all the European Nations, as well as for Settler nations like (Canada/US) Land Plantation Slave Owning class, (North vs South is actually bullshit) and how this fact clicked for me from this one personal experience, I am about to share.

I had an experience of going to a friend’s house for Tea who was renting a room in a Victorian house off Church here in Toronto, small side street with just Victorian Houses, forget the name of the street (I haven’t been to Church since I stop going to Corporate Pride), after an Aids Action Now meeting back in 2008 (remember when the Aids Conference was in Toronto, ya I was documenting, for a possible documentary around Aids Activism that didn’t pan out) so went to many Aids Action Now meetings, anyway that is just the backdrop of the story.

Barbados Plantation Owner in Toronto Story.

So after an Aids Action Now meeting, my friend is like do you want to have tea maybe? So I asked: do you want to go to second cup? and he said no we can just go back to his room he was subletting at the time, he said that the owner wasn’t there so it was a big space, let’s just go back there. I said okay.. It was February and cold, so I was cool with that. Anyway. We got in the door, small hallway lined with hooks to put our coats with stairs, as I was taking off my boots, I looked up and saw a Picture of Queen Elizabeth II, I was like huh, that’s not something you see everyday, I mean I know there are Royalists around but rarely do you see a picture of the Queen in someone’s doorway.

Something like this. (Random Queen Elizabeth II Picture)

Anyway, go up the stairs, turned into what looked like a drawing room, ya I know a drawing room who has that??? and I was stopped in my tracks. It was that Victorian Wood gawdy, anyone who has been in a old Plantation knows what I am talking about, old big painted portraits like lifted out of the London Museum, mahogany wood furniture everywhere, and its like I step back in time and was standing right in a Barbados Plantation 200 years ago . I asked my friend? ummmmm where is your landlord from, you said he went back home… where to?? Because this looks like, ahhh, this looks like, I repeat….. He said, he is from Barbados… and I was like sooooo does he own land there?? He said yes, and I thought to myself, this is a plantation, , but the Canadian Outpost apparently.

There is a Union Jack in the Ontario flag for a reason

So that is my story of how I happen to enter a Toronto Barbados Plantation Owner’s Victorian Home by accident… ya that happened. That experience is when how integrated the global elite, where no matter on the globe, the elite are the elite, in fact that integration makes it an Empire.

You might ask what does this have to do with Emancipation Day, well I noticed that Queen’s Park (well the contradiction is kinda imbedded in name) had a commemoration to it, which they should of course I suppose, cause governments all about ceremonial shit, to look like things have changed, but just wanted to point out the contradiction in that, because from that experience, I realized that there is no difference with the Plantation/Slave/land owning class from Britain to Canada to the Plantation Slave Owning Class in the South, they have integrated interests, and most often than not, they are the same families, and more than likely if they have land and plantations in the South they have land and have been Settling the North. Ya I know, I am always that one to ruin ceremonial shit.


Sorta like the contraction during 50th Independence Celebrations last year in November. The big story in Barbados if Rhianna and Prince Harry should get together, cause they look cute together during their hang outs during Independence, ya I was like literally puking in my mouth (cause there is no contradiction in that right?) ….

Rhianna and Prince Harry during Barbados Independence Events.

(but anyway kinda side tracking) Cameron who literally put up his deuces to all of British Working Class, and fucked off with all his money safely tucked in the Banks in Panama, is one of the oldest Plantation/Slave Owning families in Jamaica… while Queen Elizabeth got a raise, so its over there at the top of the Empire as well.

Conclusion the global elite are the global elite, and have been so for well over 500 years.

So here is to the continued #EmancipationStruggle cause the Fight Continues, it is up to us along the bottom unite globally, or else the Empire will continue….

: sits at the point of contradiction, and points out the absurdity.
Emperor has no clothes, and I’ll keep saying that.
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