Black Creek Food Justice Network, Friday, September 12, 2015

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On Friday, September 12, 2015, Black Creek Food Justice Network including Jane Finch Action Against Poverty, gathered at the corner of Jane and Finch, to Rally for Food Justice. Speakers include, Suzanne Narain, Butterfly, Andrea (Peachtree) – JFAAP, Food Not Bombs (St.Catherines), Gary (OCAP) Music by New Traditions. They rally for Food Justice, and took the streets and March up Jane/Finch North to Driftwood Community Centre, Guerrilla Gardening along the way.

Black Creek Food Justice Network
List of Demands:


Join the Jane and Finch Community as we take to the streets and demand FOOD JUSTICE!

Our Demands:
• Make City Parks and Hydro Corridors accessible for community residents to garden and grow food
• Remove security guards and undercover police from grocery stores in predominantly racialized and working-class communities (high-income and/or largely white neighbourhoods do not have visible security presence)
• Subsidize small farmers and promote ecologically informed farming policies that support young, new, and racialized farmers.
• Core funding from all levels of government for organizations doing food justice and urban agriculture work so that they can be sustainable
• Make healthy food more accessible to people with mental and physical health challenges
• Increase and maintain the minimum wage at a liveable wage rate or a basic guaranteed income
• Raise ODSP and OW rates
• Support migrant farm workers’ political demands, which include a) access to landed status upon arrival; b) a permanent residency regularization program for those already in Canada, c) equal access to all social programs; d) a fair appeal process before any repatriation order; and e) full protections under the provincial Employment Standards Act and Regulations
• Mandate published images be representative of a variety of bodies, body shapes, sizes and skin tones.
• Create, fund and maintain a garden in every school

There will be a workshop, performances and events happening like Revolutionary Gardening from 10am-11:30am.
The afternoon will kick off with a march from Jane & Finch to Driftwood Community Centre and then lead into some great performances by Sun Therealsun and Ruben Esguerra and food!

Later on come and join us for a panel discussions, more food, art, entertainment and some great (as yet to be revealed) mini workshops!
If you would like to endorse this event please email:

Current Endorsements:
Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP)
Advocacy for Change

Jane Finch Action Against Poverty
Take the streets again
Friday, October 16th 4pm
S/E Corner of Jane and Finch


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